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Teresa pointed me in the right direction to finally get a diagnosis from my GP. I had undiagnosed fibromyalgia for 26 years, sometimes walked with a stick and lived on painkillers. On my first visit, many years ago, Teresa set me on the path to recovery by explaining that although I had pain, my joints were ok. I pushed the GP for more tests.

Once I had a name for my condition I was off and running- literally- and started to treat myself. I now visit intermittently for acupuncture and manipulation if my back seizes up and I have recommended THE OSTEOPATHS to many people who also received amazing treatment too. Cannot speak too highly of Teresa. Keep up the good work.

Fiona Murphy

I’ve been unfortunate to have been in a couple of car accidents which have caused neck problems. I had treatment each time, but have been left with a legacy of ongoing stiffness and constriction. I came to see Teresa for upper back pain a few years ago. As a larger woman, with a bust to match, this was expected. But she found I also had a tendency for lax ligaments, which causes minor, ongoing discomfort. In particular, a rib on the right side doesn’t like staying where it should. So I go to get that sorted, and to get ‘cracked’ (as I affectionately call it!). Realigned. It works. It relieves discomfort and loosens my posture up.

To compliment the osteopathy, I also use the massage services available. If you go regularly, the therapist really gets to know your body – apart from a massage always feeling like a ‘treat’, we can focus on particular strains or tension I have at each visit, so it is thoroughly bespoke. With the ligament issue I have, I suffer regular strains and pulls so really benefit from flexible, monthly treatment. I see the whole package as a necessity, self-care that’s worth the investment.

Ann, Kilbarchan

After my broken foot had healed and space boot removed, I discovered I couldn’t put the weight down on it or turn my foot without causing pain at my toes. Teresa Harvey told me the muscles down my leg had shrunk during recovery in space boot. She massaged the muscles down my leg to my ankle and after 1 session, I could walk fully on the foot with full rotation of it. I could not believe how easily Teresa fixed my problem! It was such a huge relief to walk on it again with no pain and have confidence the foot had fully healed. I can’t rate THE award winning Osteopaths highly enough.

Mrs Young, Balloch